What is EMF in the red light therapy ?


EMFs are created by both natural and man-made sources.

Thunderstorms and sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) are examples of natural EMF sources.

Man-made EMFs are caused by every type of electronic device in existence; literally, anything that utilizes electricity. If electrons are flowing, EMF radiation is being produced. This means that EMFs are generated by items used in daily life such as cell phones, televisions, household appliances, radio waves, and countless other devices. Thus, by nature, red light therapy devices produce EMFs.

EMFs are comprised of electrical fields and magnetic fields.

  • Electrical Fields — An electrical field is present any time a positive electrical charge (caused by protons) or a negative electrical charge (caused by electrons) exists. An electrical field is there whether or not a device is turned on. So, for example, even if your cell phone is turned off, it is still producing an electrical field. The unit of measure for an electrical field is volts per meter (V/m).
  • Magnetic Fields — A magnetic field is created when an electronic device is turned on. Once activated, electronic devices cause an electrical current to flow. The stronger the current, the more intense the resulting magnetic field. In the United States, the typical unit of measure for a magnetic field is the milliGauss (mG). Elsewhere in the world, a unit called a Tesla is often used. These units are alike and conversion is simple.

The electrical and magnetic fields must both be considered to properly assess EMF levels.

The best red light therapy devices emit an EMF level of zero or very close to it.

While an actual production level of zero is impossible because every electronic device produces EMFs, your exposure is mitigated by your distance from the device during treatment and the irradiance or power density of the device. So, although EMFs might be higher on the surface of the device, they can be much lower (even zero) just a few inches away. Your body will only absorb the EMFs present at the distance you remain from the device.

EMF measurements should be taken from the “minimum usage distance”, which is the recommendation as to how far away from the device you should be during therapy. For most panels, the minimum recommended distance is around four to six inches. For face masks and other devices that come in direct contact with your body, measurements are taken at the surface of the device.

To protect yourself from EMFs, you should never be closer to your device than recommended during therapy. You can always reduce your EMF exposure by moving further away from the device; however, the benefits of treatment are diminished as you get further away.

Specific Safety Recommendations for EMF Absorption Levels

While the best EMF absorption level is zero, biologists and other scientists have determined that certain levels of EMF exposure pose little to no threat of harmful health effects.

Electrical Field Readings

  • Safest: 0 V/m
  • Very safe: less than 1 V/m
  • Less safe but will not cause severe effects: 1 to 2 V/m
  • Dangerous; avoid: 2+ V/m

Magnetic Field Readings

  • Safest: 0 V/m
  • Very safe: less than 10 V/m
  • Less safe but will not cause severe effects: 10 – 50 V/m
  • Dangerous; avoid: greater than 50 V/m

When selecting a device, make sure you can verify the EMF emission levels asserted by the manufacturer. Stay within the safety zone you are comfortable with based on your new understanding of EMF.

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