Red Light Health

      In 2017, my mother suffered from arthritis in her knees due to overwork when she was young. She was often so sore at night that she couldn't sleep, and her mental state was very bad. I tried to buy a lot of products, including medicines, massagers, nutritional products, and went to the hospital for treatment, but the effect was not satisfactory. By chance, a friend told me that red light therapy can relieve pain, promote blood circulation, promote the absorption of mitochondria in the body, promote metabolism in the body, and help the regeneration of cells. Then I bought it and tried to use it for my mother. When I used it for the first time, my mother told me that the warm one is more comfortable and the pain is less. As the number of times of use increases and the time lasts longer, my mother's leg pain problem has been significantly relieved. Although it cannot be said that it is completely cured, it has improved my current quality of life. I am very happy for this. Later, I continued to learn about phototherapy. After reading a lot of research reports, I found that this is a great invention. It was recognized by the Nobel Prize in 1903. In the 1950s and 1960s, NASA also used this technology for aerospace. The member's body recovers. I firmly believe that technology is used to better serve human life, use new technology to improve our quality of life, and serve human health. I hope that more people can learn about light therapy and enjoy the benefits of this technology to our health, so I created this brand. In the past few years, I have continuously optimized the structure and parameters of the product so that it can be better applied to various body parts and meet the needs of more different groups of people. I will continue to work hard to develop more high-quality products and use them Technology benefits the health of more people.


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