What is Chromotherapy?

Have you heard of Chromotherapy before? Chromotherapy, also known as Color Therapy, is an alternative healing treatment to improve your overall health and wellbeing. But what does that exactly mean? Well, Chemotherapy uses different color light within an infrared sauna to heal your body from the inside out.

Chromotherapy is best described as the following: "Modern chromotherapy is defined as the practice of applying light in the form of color to the body in order to balance "energy" that may be lacking. It is based on the belief that each of the colors possess a frequency of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to a different physical quality. An imbalance in the energy systems of the body, whether it be on the physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental level, may therefore manifest as an illness or ailment. It is through the application of colors are that the energies are brought back into balance so that health and harmony can be restored."

The power of light

Light is an essential part of the human experience. All beings follow light and need it to survive. Light and color can affect mood, health, and psychological reactions. For example, when we look at the ocean, we feel calm. When the sun is rising in the morning, we feel rejuvenated and energized. When we buy groceries, we seek vegetables bright in color, which indicates ripeness. While we may not be aware of it, we heavily react to light and color.

And naturally, different colors are used for different purposes. The following colors have an immense effect on the human body.

Red: stimulates the body and aids with colds, fatigue, and chills. It provides energy to the heart, rejuvenates the organs, and improves circulation.
Yellow: a powerful color; it increases neuromuscular tone, helps digestion, cleanses the body, and purifies the blood.
Blue: It helps the parasympathetic system and decreases blood pressure and heart rate. It also aids with sleep disorders and headaches. Also addresses infections.
Orange: helps to enhance one's overall mood. Addresses stomach and digestion issues as well as asthma and bronchitis.
Green: reduces swelling in the joints and tissues. It also calms the body's nervous system.
Violet: promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system and aids those going through menopause. It also improves the effects of medication.
Turquoise: relaxes the mind and helps regulate imbalances in the digestive system and lungs.
Combining Chromotherapy with infrared rays stimulates serotonin production, giving you the feeling you've been bathing in the sun all day. With infrared light creating biochemical changes in the cells, the body can heal from within, tackling health issues and injuries.

Chromotherapy has been used for centuries. Doctors use blue light therapy on babies with jaundice to break down the excess of bilirubin to exit through the infant's liver. Red light therapy is used to treat various skin conditions, while it's also used to treat people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADs).

Chromotherapy can come in different forms and devices, depending on your needs. However, you want to make sure your light therapy device is approved by the appropriate organizations and made with quality.

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