Does Red Light Therapy Tighten Skin?


As humans, we have a love and hate relationship with aging. With age comes wisdom, but also loose skin and wrinkles. You can't have it all! Or at least, that used to be the truth. Red light therapy treatment is taking the skincare industry by storm as it provides non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment for various skin conditions, including loose skin and wrinkles. 

But before we go into depth into how light therapy tightens the skin, it's important to know why it loosens as we age. Loose skin isn't anything out of the ordinary; rather, it's something we all experience as we age. Over time, our skin loses its natural elasticity and plumpness, with gravity also playing a role in quickening the process. 

While it is a natural part of aging, loose skin can create deep insecurities in a person, as we all want to feel and look our best. Yes, various procedures or skin care products can aid with loose skin, but usually, they involve highly invasive or chemical substances to achieve the goal. This is where red light therapy comes as a breath of fresh air for those looking to increase their skin's elasticity and firmness. 

For skin firmness, collagen is essential. As we age, our collagen production decreases, creating loose skin. Red light therapy naturally stimulates the body's collagen production, plumping up areas of loose skin. 

Red light therapy penetrates through the skin, stimulating the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within the mitochondria. ATP is responsible for storing and transferring energy in the body's cells. Thus, damaged or old cells are repaired, and new cells are created. The body receives important nutrients for healing and rejuvenating by reducing oxidative stress and increasing circulation. 

As a result, the body responds with an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts natural collagen levels. Various studies have proven the positive effects of red light therapy for collagen production, and one study showed that red light therapy reduces cell death and inflammation.

Another randomized, controlled study from 2013 showed the effects of red light therapy on 136 people. The participants were between 27 and 79-years-old and received red light therapy twice a week for 15 weeks, and the results were highly significant. They found:

  • Red light therapy increases collagen density: participants of the study who were treated with red light therapy had significant increases in collagen density compared to the control group.
  • Red light therapy improves tone and reduces wrinkles: participants of the study treated with red light therapy received significant improvement of skin tone and reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Participants reported overall skin improvement: participants of the study who were treated with red light therapy had reported an overall improvement in their skin.

Through cellular stimulation, collagen production increases, reducing loose skin and improving overall complexion, tone, and wrinkles. Numerous studies have proven that, time and time again, red light therapy has positive effects on the body, helping you feel and look your best. 

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