Many people use red light therapy to delay the aging of aging skin, listen to what they say

Roxanne Cloutier
I have used my red light for less than 2 weeks and I already see a a change in my skin texture , especially in my neck , the skin on my face is absolutely firmer . I use it in combination with a green tea serum , I'm 66 and completely sold on it

Shelley Knott
Thank you for this. Been wanting to introduce a red light device into my regime.
Everything you say is true. I’m 49 and have used factor 50 every day since I was 30 ! I’ve used Tretinoin for 2 years. Very simple skincare regiment! Fragrance free all the way. Never expensive ! I’m often mistaken for early to mid thirties. I’m looking forward to hitting 50 next year. But really want to keep up the good work and I think red light therapy is worth a try xx take care

Red light therapy works..I was recommended it for it after I had shingles. It helped the healing process and eliminating the scars. There is no visibility of it anymore. I am a black guy. It helped eliminated my acne, gave me smooth skin and gave my skin an amazing glow. Only pharmaceuticals would talk crap about red light so you can pay $$$ on acne cream and staying young with a plastic surgeon. It also helped with my ingrown hair issue.

Sharon Valencia
I love this topic. I bought a Platinum Biomax light for almost $700. I have been using it almost every day for 20 minutes for the last 8 weeks and totally see my skin thickening and my pores shrinking. I’m 57 and get many compliments on my skin. I also use differen twice a day because it’s gentler than tretinoin. I also eat a very clean diet of organic veggies and grass fed pasture raised meats which I’m sure helps. The light is a modular system so I’m planning on buying another one to add on for a full body treatment. I researched this product and read a lot of reviews before purchasing. It had the strongest output and 3 wavelengths of red and infrared lights. I love this product.

MaryEllen After 60
Hi Dr. Dray. I will be 69 this month. In May I purchased a flexible LED red/near Infrared face mask ($377) I've been using it for 17 weeks, and have found improvement. I believe it will work faster on younger skin, but I am so pleased with my results.

Sarah Lasater
I can speak to the efficacy of red/near infrared light therapy! I’ve been using it about 3x per week for about 3 weeks now and have already seen drastic improvements to my skin, both on my face and neck. I saw the neck results within a single 20 minute session and was hooked immediately. It’s definitely a good, subtle, non-invasive anti-aging solution if you have access to a medical-grade light. Thanks for covering this topic Dr. Dray! Hello from your neighbor in Victoria, TX :)

virginia N
Thank-you very much for mentioning photo-sensitivity concerns. Though I'm careful about sun exposure because of having lupus, dermatologists have recommended various treatments of this sort and I hadn't made the connection. Wonderfully informative!

Michelle D
Thank you Dr Dray for sharing your educated perspective on so many skin related topics. Could you please elaborate on the risks involved with those using medications or products which cause photosensitivity? For example retinol serums and tretinoin cream?

Katheryn Ruiz
BTW, you look gorgeous today. I love the information you give us with your videos. Thanks so very much. I have learned so much more from you than from numerous visits to dermatologists in my area who do not listen to me when I explain my problems and just push prescriptions that have not worked. Following your advice has saved my skin and your videos are now the first place I go for reliable information that I trust. Have you seen any studies on the effects infra-red light may have on eyes after cataract surgery? I know it is extremely important to wear protective goggles. Also, there are videos on YouTube that promote the use of a green tea serum during red light and infra-red light therapy. Have you seen studies that substantiate the claims that green tea serum greatly magnifies the benefits of these ther

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